What you need to know about Rewiring a House

May 10, 2021

What you need to know about Rewiring a House | US Electrical
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As one of the ways to keep or maintain the whole house’s safety is to do the rewiring. Nowadays, there are a lot of electronics, appliances, and other equipment that use electricity that can be found in the house. 

It is important that the wiring is safely grounded and properly placed in different areas of your house. When doing this job, it is also important that you have the proper plan and the knowledge on what you should do to make sure that the rewiring is safe and successful. In this way, we have peace of mind that the house is safe and made prevention from serious fire hazards.

One of the most common areas of our house that every appliance is almost plugged in is the kitchen. When you are planning to remodel the area, it takes a lot of time and things to consider especially the wiring of the outlets. If you hire contractors for the job when they are redoing the kitchen. They need to do a rewiring, installing a couple of outlets and other electrical jobs in the kitchen. Then the following will be done: 

  • First, relocate the 220V circuit to a new location inside the wall next to the refrigerator. 
  • Second, eliminate conduits and flip around the junction into the closet. 
  • Third, install an existing conduit in the ceiling and stub up for island plugs.
  • Fourth, tap out of the existing dishwasher circuit, blank it and install a new plug 4ft to the right of the existing. 
  • Fifth, Move the counter plug down and blank it and tap out for a new location about 4 Ft up.

What is involved in house rewiring?

Usually, the wirings of the house are placed under the flooring and through the walls. When rewiring, the floor must be lifted and through walls are drilled and this can be a very messy job. If you are doing a renovation of the entire house, the rewiring will be done simultaneously with the other work such as the plumbing and the heating system before any plastering and cosmetic work will be done. 

The electricians will do the following:

  • Install new cables.
  • Will fit new boxes on sockets and switches.
  • Rewiring the lines for tv and phone aerial sockets.
  • Rewire the power and the lighting circuits.
  • Will add or move the sockets, light fixtures and may need to add switches.
  • Add modern electrical technology if necessary.

There are two stages that the rewiring that will be completed:

 First Stage – this involves the cabling, wiring, circuits, and the back boxes were all replaced.

 Second Stage – includes the light fittings and faceplates on sockets and switches that are already installed and all wirings are connected to the consumer unit to make everything working.

Aside from keeping the house safe from hazards, there are other benefits that rewiring of the house can provide such as:

  • Ensures that electrics have complied with current regulations.
  • Helps to increase the value of the house.
  • Making the house more energy efficient.
  • Allowing you to install modern electrical technology.
  • Peace of mind that you have a safe electrical system.

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