Your Go-To Electrical Company

US Electrical is your one-stop-shop for all electrical solutions. You can always count on us as your handy electrical company you can call any time.

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Your Go-To Electrical Company

US Electrical is your one-stop-shop for all electrical solutions. You can always count on us as your handy electrical company you can call any time.

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About US Electrical

For many years, US Electrical has built and installed electrical systems throughout California. We have designed and engineered electrical systems for countless commercial and residential projects. Having several locations throughout the state of California, we assure service availability and quality control through all projects regarding your electricals. With decades of experience and dedication to our work, we are proud of the top-notch service we deliver and the relationships we've built with our clients.

As a certified commercial and residential electrical contractor, US Electrical maintains a staff of several licensed electricians, technicians, and customer support assistants. Our many licensed electricians and engineers allow us to remain prepared to layout and develop electrical systems of every size and level of intricacy. Regular training assures we stay current with the latest trends and codes and safety procedures.

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About US  | US Electrical

We have a team of professional and licensed electricians with thorough training and experience. We've built a reputation in delivering unequaled service with thousands of accomplished repairs. We have equipped ourselves with precision tools to serve clients safely and efficiently. Our commitment to safeguarding our customer's homes and businesses ensures we relieve you of your electrical troubles and provide comfort and efficient performance. We pride ourselves on providing full transparency into the successes and failures of our business. We work in a professional environment and follow values not just for work, but also on how we live our daily lives.


  • The Golden Rule; treating others as we would like to be treated.
  • Understanding what is being said and acknowledging its importance.
  • Responding punctually to every appointment.
  • Speaking comfortably, and politely, without profanity or criticism.
  • Acknowledging everyone's rights from their perspective.


  • Making agreements we intend and able to keep.
  • Proper communication between individuals.
  • A thorough inspection of your problem and proposing suitable solutions.
  • Working responsibly to deliver the best results.
  • Honest and upfront in our deals.
  • Clear and clarifying answers to questions.

Customer Focus

  • Striving to build trust to maximize customer loyalty.
  • Giving our best effort to understand and value the customer’s needs in every situation.
  • Ensuring all aspects of our services puts the customer's satisfaction first.
  • We make sure that every decision provides our customers with the best outcome.

US Electrical remains one of the industry leaders, providing stability and continuity to our clients with the highest quality at the most cost-effective rates. We ensure that you won't have electrical problems in the long run.

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Trust in US Electrical to be available every day of the year, even on holidays. You can always reach us to help you with all your concerns. Contact our authorized electrical electricians and you will be clear of electrical problems promptly. Schedule a service today through our customer support personnel or from our website.