What causes the EV Charger not working and how to resolve it?

May 5, 2021

What causes the EV Charger not working and how to resolve it? | US Electrical
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When you decide to stop using vehicles that can cause a problem in the environment, you can turn to electric-powered vehicles.

 Just like a smartphone, for it to work for the whole day or several days, it needs a charger or power cord to get its battery full. With the EV, it also needs a charger to be filled with the electricity needed for it to work again. 

 But when the EV Charger not working, we can’t avoid feeling panic and what should be done for it to work. There are reasons why an EV charger suddenly not working and there are workarounds that can be used to have it working again.

 When the EV charger has insects

 Most insects like spiders have to find the inside of the EV charger to be their new home. When this happens, webs are filled in and this can result in the charger not working properly. Do make sure to check the EV chargers now and then and remove unnecessary things inside. 

 Forgot to Plugged In

 When you have a plugged-in EV charger, there are times that we forget to the plugin. Scenarios that can cause this problem are when you are preoccupied with many things that need to be tended to. Even there is an app reminding them to plug in their EV, still it will be forgotten. Aside from this, it can also affect if the cords and plugs are not clean.

 Frozen Charger

 During the winter season, charge ports and cords can be covered with ice and results in the charger not working when about to use. It is an advantage if you have the charger at your garage, but not all have their own and especially for outdoor charging.

 Vandalism and Theft

 These are the most common and known problems with an EV charger. For public charging stations, it is common that charger cords and plugs are destroyed by cutting and some would even steal the cord for its copper. It also affects EV owners and would need to look for other means to get their vehicle charged.

 Damaged EV Cords

 An EV cord that is regularly being pulled, dragged, coiled, attached and detached, and hung has a friction point wherein it will eventually wear out. A damaged cord can also cause accidents. 

 EV Chargers run over

 After every use, it is important to get the charger properly stowed. The plug end of the charger must not be run over as this would cause a problem and results in the charger not working anymore. 

 When you notice any problem with the EV charger, whether it is torn or has damage to the plugs, it needs to be checked by a certified electrician who has the experience and knowledge on how to repair EV chargers. You can consult a service repair like US Electric. What will happen is the electrician will Take the panel apart, change 2-20 amp breaker from a regular breaker to 2-twin 20 amp breaker to make space for double pole, 70 amp breaker for Tesla EV charger. Run 90ft of piping from panel to garage. Run 90 + feet of wire in piping. Install brackets for EV charger then install EV charger wire it up correctly. Go back to the panel, connect all wires.

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