How Would I Proceed in Doing Lights & Electrical Outlet Replacement?

May 12, 2021

How would I proceed in doing Lights & Electrical Outlet Replacement?
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Nowadays, there are a lot of appliances, devices, and equipment that rely on electricity to work. To make it work, you just have to plug it into a working electrical outlet. It can be easy to add more outlets or lights if the wirings are already existing. There is a list of job needs to be done, such as subpanel needs to be removed, exposed wire connection fixed, light and outlets replacement.

 Doing Lights & Electrical Outlet Replacement can be done easily. But, take extra precautions since electricity is involved. This is important to avoid accidents or getting electrocuted while working on the replacement. All you need to have is basic electrical skills to do the replacement. Once you have done replacing the lights, you will be able to take on other tasks like replacing an outlet. 

 Turn off the power of the home’s main electrical panel by finding the right breaker and flip it to the “OFF” position. You can mark the breaker with tape to let anyone know that it shouldn’t be touched and turn on while working.

 Remove the Old Fixture, remove the cover of the old light fixture. Proceed to remove the old wire connectors and untwist the light fixture wires. Then remove the base or trim it from the old lights.

 Tighten the Screws that hold the fixture in place by making sure to check the electrical box in the ceiling where the fixture is attached. The box should be compatible with the lights and make sure it is securely attached to the structure so that it can support the weight of the fixture and most importantly it must be grounded.

 Connect the Wires. Typically, the black wires connect to black and white to connect to the white wires. The green wires are often the grounding wire which connects to the grounding screw on the grounding bar. To remove the new fixtures grounding wire coating, use a wire stripper. Proceed to wrap the bare section of each of the wires to the bare section of the corresponding existing wires. Then screw the wire connectors and connect the grounding wire. 

 Fold the wires into the electrical or space in the base. Also, use the included hardware that is attached to the fixture’s canopy to the electrical box.

 Then Install the bulbs that are recommended in the fixture and make sure that the wattage is correct. Proceed to attach the trim and cover the light fixture.

 To replace the outlet, make sure that the power is still off. Before doing any replacements, Conduct a comprehensive troubleshoot of the faulty outlets in the backroom. Isolate the electrical issue and get the outlets to power up again. US Electrical can also help you in Troubleshooting Electrical Outlets.

 TEST THE OUTLET – Once the power is off, test the outlet using a voltage tester. This will help you to confirm that there is no electrical flow going to the outlet. Do this before working on the old outlet.

 REMOVE THE OLD OUTLET- First is to unscrew the faceplate, and gently  pull the outlet out of the wall.

 WIRE UP THE NEW OUTLET – On the new outlet, you will be able to see three screws that are tri-colored. The black wire will connect to the brass screw, the white one will connect to the silver and the ground wire will be connected to the green screw. To wire up, lose the screws on your new outlet and wrap the ends of your wires to its appropriate screws.

 REPLACE THE FACEPLATE AND POWER RESTORE – Gently push the new outlet back in the box and reattach the screws that hold the outlet. Make sure that it is straight and place back the faceplate and restore power. Test the voltage flows in the outlet. 

 If you have questions or other concerns on how to do the replacement of lights and outlets, US Electrical can do it for you. When doing the task, we will be Utilizing the customer-branded lights fixtures put together and install 2 new fixtures. Provide/install a new toggle switch in the bathroom. Cancellation of closet subpanel, remove breakers and run new lines from the main panel to the junction and put a closed cover for the junction. We also do Electrical Panel Wiring and Home Electrical Wiring.  Repairs for under the house: fix and properly wire the lines under the house that need junctions and covers. (tier 1) 1-10 junctions. Provide/install GFCI outlet where required – up to 5 units (tier 1). 200 amp main panel upgrade: provide/install new 200 amp surface mounted panel with riser new overhead wiring. Run a new 4 grounding system – properly label panel. Learn more about US Electrical or if you have other concerns and electrical needs, call our hotline today!

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