Reasons Why You Wanna Upgrade The Electrical Panel

June 2, 2021

Reasons Why You Wanna Upgrade The Electrical Panel
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Have you ever had a new appliance unit and seen the whole house go dark? Blackouts can be a normal phenomenon if you’ve been living in the same house for a long time. When you’re in a rental agreement, blackouts can be normal if you live in an older home. So, what’s up with the inconvenient blackouts?

There may be a flaw with the electric panel, and you’ll need to replace it. We’ll explain why you may need an electric panel update and when you should do it in this post.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are the first warning that the electric panel has to be upgraded. We’ll tell you why if this isn’t creepy enough for you. Flickering lights are an unfortunate side effect of defective lighting. Faulty wiring causes a burned smell which can also produce shocks when touching such equipment, such as microwaves or computers, in addition to light issues. You’ll also notice scorch marks and sparks on your home’s power outlets or sockets. Another factor to watch out for is a warm electric screen.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

You buy a new air conditioner, and any time you turn it on, the circuit breakers trip. So, what exactly is the issue? When a circuit is overloaded, circuit breakers trip and switch off the power. Electric panels, on average, need to be replaced every 25-40 years. Your home’s electric panel would be unable to accommodate modern equipment while it is currently in use.

It is because an old electric panel is incapable of handling excessive amounts of power. Modern homes are equipped with cutting-edge appliances. Your home can experience regular blackouts if you have an old electric panel. You’ll know it’s time to update your electric panel when this happens.

Power Strip Usage

Are you consuming power strips to charge your computers in your house? Since most homes have a small number of wall sockets, using many power strips means you’re using more energy than the electric panel can accommodate.

Two or three wall sockets were appropriate for home twenty years ago. Because of the high power demand these days, we need more sockets. It’s time to replace your electric panel if you have a slew of extension cords and power strips strewn around the house. Find out all about the dangers of power strips and how to keep your family and home secure.

Your Home Safety

You’ll be doing your house a favor by ensuring that it’s safe to live in, in addition to improving its energy capabilities. Your house will be protected from fires and other electrical hazards if you are prepared and make sure your electric panel is upgraded. Additionally, upgrading your electric panel will improve the value of your house. When you want to sell your home, replacing your electric panel would be a selling point for prospective buyers, so they won’t have to do so.

If you wanna upgrade the electrical panel, you can hire electrical wiring professional. They will also help you identify what precautions you need to take to ensure that your electric panel is in proper working order. They might suggest you install a 100 amp panel, get city permits for cable new grounding systems, and open the stull and patch balance load. Everything is paid  in cash. It’ll be a good investment for your home. The US Electrical team also offers fuse repair and electrical emergency services.

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