Discover the Many Reasons Why You Should Upgrade the Old Electrical Panel You Have

May 31, 2021

Discover the Many Reasons Why You Should Upgrade the Old Electrical Panel You Have
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Have you at any point utilized another appliance and had the whole house encountered a power outage? On the off chance that you’ve been living in the same house for quite a long time, power outages may be a normal event.

For the individuals in a tenant agreement, power outages may likewise be normal if they live in an old house with a similarly old residential electrical line. But what exactly is the deal with these irritating power outages?

One culprit worth looking at is an issue with the electric panel, and you may have to upgrade the old electrical panel you have. In this article, we’ll examine why you may require an electric panel upgrade and when you ought to get it done.

Safety First—Especially for Your Home

Other than updating your home’s power ability, you’ll help your home out by guaranteeing that it’s a safe place to dwell in. By preparing your house and ensuring your electric panel is upgraded, the risks of having fire hazards and other electrical issues can lower down significantly.

Additionally, choosing to upgrade electrical panel can make your home more valuable. For the individuals who want to move, updating your electric panel will be a selling point for potential purchasers since they will not need to upgrade it.

Lights that Flicker Like a Horror Scene

Flickering lights are the primary sign and reason why your electric panel needs an upgrade. If you find that this isn’t frightening enough for you, perhaps the more insidious reasons will.

Flickering lights are a side-effect of defective wiring. Other than issues with the lights, faulty wiring can cause:

  • a burnt smell of plastic and rubber
  • electrical shocks when coming into contact with certain appliances (i.e., laptops, microwaves, PC, etc.)
  • electrical sparks and scorch marks on power outlets or sockets
  • the electric panel feels hot when you touch it

Power Strips Incapable of Handling Usage

Is it accurate to say that you utilize more power strips increasingly to charge gadgets everywhere in your home? There’s a set limit of wall sockets in every house, and utilizing many plug extensions implies that you’re using more electrical power than what your electric panel can deal with.

Having a few wall sockets was sufficient twenty years ago. But today, we need more wall sockets because of the increasing electricity demand. This circumstance alone is enough to warrant an electric panel upgrade.

Circuit Breakers are Constantly Being Tripped

Let’s say that you’ve introduced another air conditioner in your home, and your circuit breakers trip each time you switch it on. All in all, what’s the issue? Circuit breakers cut off electrical flow when they’re tripped because of an overload. 

Ideally, electric panels require an upgrade every 25-40 years. If your house is still utilizing an old electric panel, it will not have the power to deal with new appliances. A whole house rewiring may be required for the upgrade, but it will certainly be worth it in the end. Here’s an example of the solutions that one of our electricians did:

“1. Sub-panel upgrade in existing location bedroom $1985.00 2. Dedicated circuit run for laundry in hallway. 120 volt 15 Amp. $1585.00 *No drywall repair 3. Dedicated circuit run for dishwasher location in kitchen 120 V 15 Amp. *No drywall repair. 4. Install existing cable line in hall from bedroom to living room TV location $500.00 *If #1,2,3 are all done together you will get a $200.00 discount off the total price.”

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