All You Need to Know about Sub Panel Installation and Rewiring

March 8, 2021

You Need to Know about Sub Panel Installation and Rewiring | US Electrical
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Sub panel installation and rewiring are important in home electrical wiring. A sub panel is necessary if your house runs a lot of electronics or if it has extra rooms that require a heavy load of electrical requirements. 

Here are a few good reasons as to why you need to add a sub panel in your home:

  • They provide the convenience in a home that needs upgrades to the electricity by lessening circuit wiring runs to a minimum by replacing the panel in a central location. This also lessens the voltage drop that is sometimes present in small wires over a long distance. You might also need a subpanel for the HVAC in your house. You will be able to observe the advantage of running a larger set of panel feeder wires into your home electrical wiring where the power distribution is much needed, instead of running multiple wires long distances.
  • An electrician may also add a sub panel during circuit breaker repair in order to take a few loads off the main circuit breaker panel. This is in order to prevent overloading the electrical wirings in your house, to not replace circuit breaker fuse frequently, and in order to not melt fuses. Sub panels are also often used to separate the electrical needs of specific rooms or areas of the house. For example, if one room – like your home office or your home entertainment room – uses more extra electricity, the homeowner may opt to turn off the sub panel.
  • A sub panel will also allow homeowners to play freely with the electronics throughout their house. It allows them to set up more electronics without worrying about electronics overload.
  • Sub panels are also great for distances. For example, an electric sub panel can be of great use for a specific area or even a separate nearby building that is in need of electrical power. This also makes it easier to maintain and repair because a sub panel is easily accessible and has all the connection points in proximity.
  • Saves energy. Using a sub panel also improves energy efficiency consumption in your home as you do not need individual circuits to run from the main panel to more remote locations. This will save you more resources like time and money.

Should you get your electrical sub panel inspected? Definitely. A thorough inspection of your sub panel can help in preventing a variety of issues from happening. Problems like improper bonding of wires, missing handle ties, or corrosion can arise and an inspection or maintenance from a trusted electrician can hinder such issues from arising.

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