Is Your Light Fixture Not Working? We Can Help

March 3, 2021

Is Your Light Fixture Not Working We Can Help | US Electrical
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Nonfunctional light fixtures are a common occurrence for every home. Everyone experiences this and becomes an inconvenience to your household. Electricity keeps our homes comfortable and safe, but problems with our electricity endanger that. Aside from being bothersome, light fixtures that aren’t working anymore can be a sign of a bigger problem that could cost you money and potentially your life. If you currently encounter such a situation, come to figure out why your light fixture does that or call your local residential and commercial electrical service provider, US Electrical.

When you find yourself with a light fixture that isn’t working, there might be something wrong with either the switch, light bulb, or the fixture itself. The first thing you are going to do is to identify which one needs fixing. Check the light bulb on another working fixture. Most of the time, the light bulbs are dead and just need replacing. If not, then test the wires that connect the fixture if there is power coming through them. If there is power coming through the wires, then the problem is the fixture. If your light fixture isn’t working but has power, the problem could stem from the wires or the switch. Now that you’ve identified your problem, try to figure out if you can fix the problem yourself.

  • Dead Light Bulb. Changing a light bulb is just as easy as it sounds. First, turn off the light. Wait for the bulb to cool down, then unscrew the light bulb from the fixture. Choose a light bulb of a similar wattage. Then, simply dispose of the faulty bulb and replace it with a new one. As long as you tightened the new bulb correctly, it will work perfectly. If your light fixture isn’t flush with the ceiling, simply tighten the screws into the mounting strap to tighten the fixture so that it sits flush with the ceiling
  • Loose Connection. A bad connection in your light fixture or on the switch may result in the light fixture not working. Electrical connections need to be as tight as possible to avoid creating resistance. Resistance, even when low, can overheat connections or any wires and can start a fire hazard. Loose connections don’t just involve wires. A loose connection can also be a problem on your electrical panel. If you believe you have a loose connection on your light switch, call a licensed electric company to come to inspect your home

Light fixture issues aren’t just annoying–they can also be hazardous. If none of the problems above explain why your light fixtures won’t work, then there could be something seriously wrong with your home’s electrical system. If that’s the case, call US Electrical immediately. Whether you need electrical panel repair & replacement, or light installation, our licensed electricians will find and fix your problem fast.

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