Make Your Backyard Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eyes with Outdoor Lights

April 1, 2021

Make Your Backyard Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eyes with Outdoor Lights - US Electrical
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When you want to undertake a new project especially a project as large as installing outdoor lights, you have to be able to prepare for it. Outdoor lighting, from simple landscape lighting to floodlights and motion sensor lights can be very complicated, however, it is not an impossible task. 

It is a straightforward process that can be tricky for those who have not done it before, but it’s quite doable.
  1. The first thing you need to do is to layout the electrical wiring in your house and get an electrical permit. If you want to install 6 outdoor lights with motion sensors, it is easy if you know where to connect which wire. Identify the location in your backyard where you want to put your light fixtures, set up a transformer box and electrical post in your chosen location. With that, you’ll be able to do more like installing 3 lights inside the house, hook up some electrical wirings, run a wire through the foundation of the house, and set up an electrical outlet for their sprinkler. You also have to contact your electrical company for them to help you identify if there are underground wires.
  2. Remember to think about safety. Make sure that whatever you are doing in your yard, for example, if you want to upgrade the electrical panel, double-check if you have switched off the main power at the consumer unit. Buy a socket tester, these little things confirm whether circuits are dead and are safe.
  3. The next you will do is to mark the route and dig. Mark cable routes for the power source, which is the house outlet to the location of the remote outlet with spray paint. Then, mark the spots where you want to install the light fixtures. Lay these fixtures alongside their cables at an 8 to 10 feet distance from each other. After laying all the fixtures, connect their wires to the main cable. Do this repeatedly for your outdoor lights installation.
  4. If your outdoor lights not working properly, for example, if your outdoor lights not turning on, or any outdoor lights flicker, you may want to look into hiring residential electrical services to look into outdoor lighting installations. Most commercial electricians can do these tasks for you.

You may want to check out US Electrical for these types of services especially if you think it is too big for you to handle. Call US Electrical today for your backyard lights installation!

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