Importance of Electrical Panel Upgrades

April 12, 2021

Importance of Electrical Panel Upgrades | US Electrical
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An electrical panel controls the electricity supplying your home. When too much electricity is needed on a circuit, a circuit breaker sparks the panel to avoid overloading electricity. It can result in a fire, so it’s the panel’s role to block the circuit and control the electricity in the system to protect your family and property.

As your house gets older, the electrical panel will have difficulty keeping up with the increasing demands in the system. Computers, lights, appliances, and other electronic devices are energy-efficient. However, the most modern homes utilize more devices than ever before. When your house is over ten years old, the electrical system can’t keep up with the electrical needs.

How an Electrical Panel Works

The primary electrical line from the electric company is connected to a power meter outside your house. Then the line goes to the electrical panel. Usually, you can find the electrical panel in the basement or garage. 

If you check inside the electrical panel, you will find multiple switches. These are the circuit breakers that supply the power line to other smaller lines. Thus, the proper installation of all the new breakers is critical. The switches are doubled together as they supply electricity to appliances that need large loads, such as electric dryers and AC. Within the electrical panel door, you can see the label that identifies the outlets’ spots and appliance units based on the numbers on the switches with numbers on them. These numbers specify the amps the line can contain before the switch sparks. The panel also comes with a power breaker that can shut down the power to the entire system.

At US Electrical, we gauge the amount of power being consumed on the circuits, and we will adequately check the panel to secure everything. When it’s not functioning correctly, or it requires an upgrade, our professional electricians how to upgrade electrical panels that will keep up to the state and local regulations. 

Keep your home’s power system in great shape and keep your family and property safe with electrical panel upgrades for both houses. Call US Electrical today for residential electrical services. We provide a proposal for a new 200AMP main service in the back property. We also do installation of the complete grounding system including cold water ground, a new waterproof junction box to pick up the existing circuits, and one new 240V AC home rum complete 2 pole breaker, and a new waterproof junction box with 1 and quarter conduit to be determined by a new location of the service.

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