Blown Circuit Breaker Fuse: (4) Four Possible Causes Why It Happens

April 27, 2021

Blown Circuit Breaker Fuse 4 Four Possible Causes Why It Happens | US Electrical
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Are you trying to install a new electric cooker or fridge but want to get an electrician to come out because you suspect that you have a blown circuit breaker fuse? If that’s the case, you have done the right thing. Any electrical services must be handled by someone professional, an electrician who has all the means to handle the job safely and effectively. A circuit breaker fuse that has been blown is tricky to deal with, which is why hiring an electrician almost immediately comes in handy. But what causes the circuit breaker fuse to blow? Please continue to read this topic for you to know what causes it.

Possible Causes Why Your Circuit Breaker Fuse Blow

There are several causes why your circuit breaker fuse blows, and these possible causes include:

  • Overloaded Circuit- When a circuit breaker fuse regularly blows, it means you’re making excessive demands on the circuit. When you overload your circuit, it causes your circuit breaker fuse to heat up and eventually blow.
  • Short Circuit- Another reason for the fuse to blow is that a hot wire in the device comes into contact with either the grounding pathway or a neutral wire, also known as a short circuit. It usually happens due to faulty wire connections or damaged wires somewhere in the circuit.
  • Wrongly Installed Fuse- Fuse for circuit breakers is available in various shapes, sizes, and configurations. On the other hand, some can appear to be the same but serve different purposes. That is why if you mistakenly installed the wrong fuse, this will not only blow, but it can also cause significant fires.
  • Outdated Outlet- A dead or outdated electrical outlet can cause various electrical problems such as sparks, frayed wires, and even blown a fuse.

Things listed above always happen if you live in a much older house, where the electrical system is outdated and can’t keep up with the demand for the newly invented appliances. That is why it is best to ensure that your home or business has the best electrical system installed to prevent issues like this from happening frequently.

A Professional Electrician Would Suggest To:

  • Install one new subpanel. 
  • Ran 100 of 1 conduit to the kitchen from the rear house for a new 60 amp electric oven.
  • Install (2) two new 20 amps. 
  • Receptacles in kitchen, also new 20 amp plug for dishwasher. 
  • 4 NE counter to plugs decors, (4) four new LED under cabinet lights.

Moreover, if you are here to ensure that your home electrical system is in good condition, having an electrician like ours at US Electrical is always a good idea.

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